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Megan McFarland from CWO Bob Simms

100 Coins to 100 Canadians is a RCAF Centennial initiative to recognize 100 Canadians with a special edition RCAF Centennial coin for their demonstration of RCAF values. Distribution of the coins is being done with the assistance of Wings across Canada selecting candidates from their immediate and neighboring communities who embody the selection criteria below:

Projected Values
Persons whose behavior exhibits the spirit of the Royal Canadian Air Force, which is captured within the Canadian Armed Forces Ethos. Specifically, values demonstrated should be in the realms of Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Inclusion or Accountability.

Persons who are worthy of recognition for the positive impact they have generated within their community.


We are eternally appreciative to our community and the individuals to whom we serve for their support and are grateful for this opportunity to share and celebrate the RCAF Centennial milestone with them.


In the coming weeks we will display below the list of individuals who have been recognized, to date, with a commemorative RCAF Centennial coin.