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Helicopter landing on ship
Member directing aircraft on tarmac
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Snowbirds flying over an airport

Your Air Force

Where we started.

Where we are.

Where we are going.

Explore an in-depth look at the heritage of the RCAF as well as what we are doing now to prepare and protect Canada in the future.

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Celebrate with us!

Join in the festivities and attend an event near you that will be celebrating the RCAF Centennial. Events of all types, including your favourite Air Shows, will be held across Canada throughout 2024 to commemorate this milestone.

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Centennial Merchandise

Official RCAF Centennial gear designed for aerospace enthusiasts of all ages. Help support the Centennial Fund by purchasing items from this exclusive, and limited edition, RCAF Centennial product line.

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100 Year Timeline

Learn more about the evolution of the RCAF through memorable milestones and moments, our aircraft, and people, that have helped build and shape the RCAF you know it to be today.

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Centennial Fund

The Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial Fund has been established to support RCAF families and INSPIRE Canada’s next generation of aviators. INSPIRE aims to engage Canada’s youth in pursuing careers in aviation, space, and STEM.

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Earn your wings! The RCAF Run is an opportunity to experience both the camaraderie and aircraft that make the RCAF unique. We invite participants of all abilities and fitness levels, both here and abroad, to Earn your Wings with us at the 2024 RCAF Run.

RCAF Members running
CF Snowbirds
RCAF Game Force
RCAF Members running
CF Snowbirds
RCAF Game Force